OKI LED Colour Laser Printers and Consumables

The latest OKI LED colour laser printers C612/ES6412, C712/ES7412, C834/C844/ES8434/ES8444 and the Pro9000 series are all optimized and approved for our Floralabels range. Go to www.oki.com/eu for a closer look at the latest OKI offering.

Compared to other technologies, the print speed has drastically been increased. The exceptional quality of the Floralabels material and the abilities of the Brandsoft label program enable our standard printer to print up to 500 beautiful colour labels per minute. And the speed can be further increased using a larger printer.

Compared to the traditional thermal transfer printer, which only prints labels, the colour laser printer is a far better investment. You can also print your own colour banners, business cards, letters, promotions and other documents in a fast and cost effective way.

The OKI Pro label printers offer professional four colour and five colour label printing, in-house, on demand on a wide range of label media taking creativity and flexibility to a new level.