Special solutions

Limo Labels is a leading supplier of special label solutions to many industries. Continued investments in technology and people secures cutting edge solutions. You can benefit via Floralabels. We offer you special labels that have unique functions such as:

Security Labels

We offer a complete range of dedicated security solutions that can be adapted to your needs. From tamper evident labels that cannot be removed without showing to anti-counterfeit holograms that cannot be copied. You can get loop labels that no-one can remove without you seeing it.

We combine our know how and extensive security product range including eg. VOID, security marks, special die-cuts, RFID, RF, holograms, luminescent inks and destructable materials to find the right solution for your needs.

Hang Labels

You can get labels that are so strong that they can carry eg. a pot or a pack.  

Promotional Labels

We produce today an extensive range of promotional labels that can help you to sell more. Examples include customer adapted holograms, 3-D labels, coupons, folded labels, scratch-off cards, aromatic labels, heat reactive thermocromic labels and  multilayer labels. We can deliver up to 10 colours plus hot stamp.