Attractive stick-in labels

We have the pleasure to present our range of attractive pot labels:
Ref 3591 34 x 104 mm, 16 per sheet
Ref 3592 39 x 117 mm, 14 per sheet
Ref 3579 52 x 127 mm, 10 per sheet

They are printable in colour laser printers with attractive pictures, text, barcodes and customer specific prices.

Colourful labels sell plants

Especially during the beginning of the season when your plants are small and without flowers. Request samples of our range of swing tags, hang and pot labels to see how you can print your own selling labels.   


Banners and signs with impact

You can now choose from an extensive range of signs and banners that you can print yourself in attractive and durable colours in up to 1.2 meter length. 

You can print 1 or more banners or signs when you need them with the layout you want. All you need is your normal PC, our dedicated horticultural software (or even standard software) and a colour laser printer like the OKI C6100.


Our 1.2 meter banners are made for CC-containers and sales displays.

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