Paper handling

Please follow the steps below when you put your sheets of Floralabels and signs in your OKI A4 printer. We recommend you use the Multi-Purpose tray and place the sheets as follows: 

Start by separating the sheets:

1. Open the MP tray on the front of the printer (it can be a bit difficult to open the first few times):

 2. Unfold the tray:

3. For self-ties and A4-sheets, open the extra support, so the full sheet is supported:

4. Push down the bottom of the tray till it clicks:

5. Place a stack of labels on the support and push the sides in, untill the sheets are in the center. Separate the sheets first as described above. For self-ties, holes away from the printer; for stick-ins, arrows away from the printer; for hang labels and adhesives, short edge towards the printer:


6. Push the blue button in. It presses the support up and fixes the labels, so they are ready for use.