Your plants and labels should sell your plants

  • 70% of all consumer purchasing decisions are made in the supermarkets.
  • 90% of purchasing decisions in garden centers are made in the shops.   
  • Customers and plants are often left on their own. There is no one around to ask.
  • The plants and their labels have to do the selling. 
  • Please find some advice to create selling labels below:

Plant buyers are looking for.....

  1. Colour photo showing a mature plant at its best 
  2. Exposure: sun or shade
  3. Blooming time and colour
  4. Water requirements
  5. Size: Height, width and spacing
  6. Price
  7. Plant category: ground covers, annuals, perennials, pot plants, etc.
  8. Planting instructions
  9. General tips and plant care
  10. Health and happiness
  11. Simple and easy to handle with growth guarantee
in their own language!  

Let your labels give your customers what they want....

Give your customers what they want. Print an attractive photo of the mature plant at its best, so they know what they get. Apart from name and price, add information about best location, colour, blooming time, how often it should be watered, mature size, planting instructions and plant care. The clearer the information, the better. Remember that a typical customer doesn't spend more than 10 seconds to decide whether to buy your plant or not. 


Test and measure the results

Test label designs and content. Which ones sell best. With our system you can easily change design and text in the quantities you want. Measure the results and choose the ones that sell best. 

Please contact us 

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