Printer settings OKI A3 printers C834 and C844

The OKI C834 and C844 LED colours printers are excellent for printing of waterproof banners, signs and labels in up to A3 width and 1,32 meter length:



To obtain the best print quality and longest durability, it is key that your printer it set-up with the optimum settings. Always use original OKI consumables to secure print quality and durability. We recommend the following settings for your OKI A3 printer:

Setup printer driver on your computer

Setup printer

Connect via network or USB cable on the back to the left and power cable to the right:

Remember to register your printer at the OKI website within 30 days for 3-year on-site warranty.

Choose the PCL-driver (Not the PS-driver) for labels, signs and banners, when you connect the printer to your computer

Set the dial in the bottow right corner to A4. Turn the printer on and off in the bottom left corner.

Feed the media on the front via the MP-tray on the top or tray 1, 2 etc on the bottom:

Use the MP tray for shorter print runs and the feeding of A3 signs and all banners.

Lift the grey handle up for feeding and when ready, press it down to lock the sheets in ready for printing.

Most media should be fed long edge leading – here example with loop labels:

To the left the grey handle is open to insert the labels; to the right closed when the labels are in place:


Here is an example of feeding from tray 1 of loop labels:

Before printing go to the menu on the top of the printer


 1) Set Type to Usertype 1 by clicking on Menu – Menus – Tray Configuration – MP Tray / Tray 1 – Type – Usertype 1

For each selection click Enter; when finished click Online

2) Set Media Check off: Menu – Admin – Enter password 123456 – Print Setup - Media Check - Disable

For more specific settings for individual types of labels, signs and banners, please contact us.